Portable Handheld Retropie Gameboy Console 32GB



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The reason you should choose RillAdvantage over the competition is because many sellers are shipping these consoles out in bulk, and not taking the time to properly setup the emulators for the maximum amount of frames, and the best possible reduction of input delay. They are just giving you the console without any of the proper settings applied. RillAdvantage RetroPies have been overclocked to get the most possible performance out of your pie. Having heatsinks and fans installed is great but, if you aren't getting any performance boost what's the point? Configuring emulators can be very daunting. RillAdvantage RetroPies come preconfigured unlike 99% of the pies out there. These settings will ensure you aren't missing that crucial jump in Super Mario because of input delay. Enjoy our custom simultaneous 2 Player Rom hacks that you won't find on any other RetroPie!



This is the Retropie handheld mini console with tons of classic games ready to play. Fully assembled & Ready to Play!  No setup, downloading or configuration required.This console is powered by the new Raspberry Pi Zero W running the latest version of Retropie (v4.4) and comes in a retro gameboy style case w/built in heatsinks and fan!  Each console goes through full testing before being shipped to insure everything will be working perfect upon delivery!


Raspberry Pi Zero W

Gameboy Pi Case w/ built in heatsink!

32GB microSD Card

Tons of Retro Classic Games with Box Art and Screenshots

MicroSD Card Adapter RetroPie 4.4 ***latest version updated for Raspberry Pi Zero W

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